Your Guide to the Southern Downs Dunny Dash Art Trail

Head off on the Dunny Dash Art Trail, where painted murals have transformed toilet blocks from public loo to public art!

Public toilets may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about art murals, but the Dunny Dash gives art lovers more than one reason to visit the loo! Use the interactive map below to plan your toilet trip trail across the Southern Downs and Granite Belt!

The Dunny Dash – Granite Belt locations

1. Weeroona Park Public Toilets, Stanthorpe

Put yourself in the picture! These works are located in the alley between the Art Gallery and the swimming pool in Weeroona Park, Stanthorpe.

Artists: Kath Ives, Julie Brown, Susan Peters, Sarina Moncada, Alyssa Stabile

2. Farley St Piazza Toilets, Stanthorpe

This artwork, located in the amenities block behind the Farley St Piazza, pays tribute to Gone with the Wind.

Artists: Ben Moxham & Laurie Astill

3. Brock Park Public Toilets, Stanthorpe

Agricultural shows are a large part of life on the Southern Downs, and this mural celebrates the Stanthorpe Agricultural Show. It is located between the Stanthorpe showgrounds and Favero Motors.

Artists: Dean Ford and Peter Martin

4. Storm King Dam Public Toilets, Stanthorpe

The four walls of the toilet block at Storm King Dam are themed by time over a 24hour period.

Artists: Trevor Horsnell, Rachel Whieldon, Amy Peters, Gina Roberts

5. Lions Park Public Toilets, Wallangarra

Artists: Tully De Vries, Luanna Legge, David Moore, Hayley Southern, Christopher Sanchez and Arora De Vries

The Dunny Dash – Warwick locations

6. Australiana Park Public Toilets, Warwick

Mural name: The Conversatory

Artist: Emily Devers

“After many years of hardship experienced through drought, I believe Warwick deserves a lush, vibrant artwork as a joyous celebration of its locality. This artwork transforms the entire building into an abundant greenhouse garden, with native Queensland sub-tropical ferns and flowers spilling out from within.”

7. Grafton Street Public Toilets, Warwick

Mural name: Window of Worship

Artist: Elysha Rei

“This patterned work is inspired by the many churches Warwick is known for. The design features elements from the rose windows of several places of worship, abstracting them to create a contemporary design that connects Warwick’s rich architectural and community history with today’s visitors.”

8. Victoria Park Public Toilets, Warwick

Mural name: The Missing Piece

Artists: Kerry Nicholson and Malcolm Nicholson

“What does this mural mean to you? I know what this mural means to me. This means to me that my three year old son was able to get too close to the fish pond unsupervised in the back yard. This is a discovery that I did not want to make but I am glad that I did.”

9. Mile End Park Public Toilets, Warwick

Mural name: Serendipity and Serendipity 2

Artist: Karri McPherson 

“Serendipity celebrates the diversity of colour in Warwick, from the lush greens of the gumtrees to the golden yellows of the sunflowers. Despite its abstract nature, the use of native colours will provide the locals with a sense of familiarity when they experience this work.”

The Dunny Dash – Allora, Killarney and Leyburn locations

10. Browns Falls Public Toilet, Killarney

Mural name: Tall Trees of Killarney

Artist: Nikki Wood

“This artwork will depict a realistic image of the drive to Carr’s Lookout, beyond Queen Mary Falls. My personal practice regularly features images of this drive and my strong love of our local area. The Warwick district has so much to offer, so this is a perfect opportunity to showcase this to a wider visiting and local audience.”

11. Dalrymple Park Public Toilets, Allora

Mural name: Into the Sun

Artist: Louise Tait

“Sunflowers are unique in their ability to provide energy in the form of nourishment and vibrancy, an attribute which mirrors the sun and the energy provided by its heat and light. Symbolizing warmth, hope and happiness.”

12. Liberator Park Public Toilets, Leyburn

Mural name: Sprint, Spirit and Starry Skies

Artists: Sue Keong

“The two walls enabled a mural that reflected the many facets of Leyburn. Named Liberator Park I felt it was important to include the Liberator Bomber but that was only a small part of Leyburn’s history and current lifestyle. The dark night skies are the destination for star gazing enthusiasts throughout the year. August sees the Historic Leyburn Sprints roar to life with visitors from across Australia. The rare Bulloak jewel butterfly found in district is also featured. I have depicted one wall with night sky and Liberator in a painterly style. The second wall although not depicted as such in attached painting will have a clearer design quality touching on the past and present life of the town & district.”

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