Tannymorel and Mt Colliery MTB Trail

12 to 38 kilometres

This trail begins at Farm Creek Park in Tannymorel. From there, head west on Tannymorel-Mount Colliery Road towards the centre of the village, turn right onto Kurrajong Road at the T-intersection where the cenotaph is located, and then go left when you reach the crossroads at Yangan-Killarney Road. Stay on Yangan-Killarney Road for around 1.7 kilometres, and then turn left onto Graysons Siding Road. Follow this as far as it goes up the hill, and then turn left to fly down O’Maras Road. When you reach the crossroads at Tannymorel-Mount Colliery Road, you can either turn left and complete the 12 kilometre shortest version of this trail, go straight ahead to add the Bakers Road 10 kilometre return trip extension, or turn right and then take the second right to add the Gambubal Road 16 kilometre return trip extension.

Top Tips

  • This trail is on public roads that are used by motor vehicles, so it is important to take care, stay safe, and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Book accommodation in Killarney so you can stay for a few days and explore more mountain biking trails while you are here.
  • The toilet on this trail is at Farm Creek Park on Tannymorel-Mount Colliery Road in Tannymorel.
  • There’s a good chance you will get wet feet at the creek crossings on the Bakers Road extension. If you plan to go that way, make sure to bring a dry pair of socks to change into after your ride.

While You’re Here

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Route Highlights

  • THE MINER SCULPTURE | Farm Creek Park, Tannymorel-Mount Colliery Road, Tannymorel. This sandstone sculpture by Rhyl Hinwood is a celebration of the strength, tenacity and courage of the Tannymorel collier. The Miner was created at the 2008 Southern Downs Bioconcepts Sculpture Symposium and is featured in the Southern Downs Stone Sculpture Trail.
  • TANNYMOREL SHED MURAL | Kurrajong Street, Tannymorel. This mural was created by artists Malcolm and Kerry Robertson and it spans the entire side wall of the Tannymorel Grain Shed that dates back to the 1890s. It honours the town’s rich history of involvement in the railway and the settlement of the community. The artists undertook research at the Railway Museum in Ipswich to make sure that the mural accurately depicts the type of train that ran on the local tracks in the early days of the town.
  • TANNYMOREL AVENUE OF HONOUR | A 550 metre long avenue of 61 plane trees (Platanus x hispanica; Platanus x acerifolia) that commemorate those from the District who served in World War Two. Plaques to the fallen soldiers were unveiled on ANZAC Day 1949, and many of these are now fully embedded in the trunks.
  • EAGLE SCULPTURE | Yangan-Killarney Road, Tannymorel. This is an impressive artwork created by a local resident. People have come from as far away as Melbourne to see it.
  • MOUNT COLLIERY QCWA HALL | 7 Bakers Road, Mount Colliery. The hall was built in 1918 as a social hub for coal miners, timber getters, and farming families. It was the library, a picture theatre, a stage for musical productions, and a place for card evenings and dances. In more recent times, the hall has been a venue for the Festival of Small Halls and the Jumpers and Jazz Festival.
  • CREEK CROSSINGS | Bakers Road, Mount Colliery. The road crosses Farm Creek 8 times. Wallabies, azure kingfishers, and beautiful butterflies are often seen at the water, and there are fantastic views of the escarpment to the south.
  • MOUNT COLLIERY AVENUE OF HONOUR | Bakers Road, Mount Colliery. Less well known than the avenue in Tannymorel, but equally significant, the Mount Colliery Avenue of Honour is a tribute to locals who served in World War One, World War Two, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq.
  • KILLARNEY VIEWS | Gambubal Road, Mount Colliery. The climb up Gambubal Road to the top of Mount Colliery is steep but the panoramic views of Killarney and surrounds from the top are spectacular and the ride back down is heaps of fun.