Your Guide to Sunflower Spotting on the Southern Downs

UPDATED 10 May 2021 – Our sunflower season has now finished. 

Summer is sunflower season on the Southern Downs and every year they’re blooming beautiful! From late December onwards, a sea of yellow floods parts of the region as spectacular sunflower fields line major highways and country roads around Warwick and Allora.

Want to spot these golden giants? Follow our handy guide to finding #SouthernDownsSunflowers below!

1. Location, location, location

Image by Visual Hope Photography

Finding sunflower fields can be a bit like a golden treasure hunt! Before you depart, check out the map below, head to the Southern Downs and Granite Belt Facebook page, or give the Warwick Visitor Information Centre a buzz to find out exactly where fields are blooming.

PLEASE NOTE: The sunflower season is now over. 

2. When to Visit

Image by @hesaysshesays via Instagram

Sunflowers only bloom around December to March, so it’s important you time your visit properly (hello long weekends!). Once a field has started to flower, it will only be in bloom for 3-4 weeks. These timings are very dependent on weather, so can change drastically.

3. Respect the Farmers

Sunflower and House

Image by @RLImages via Instagram

When inspecting these beauties, please keep in mind the sunflowers are growing on private land and form part of the farmers’ livelihoods. Please be respectful and do not trespass or litter. As a working farm there are major bio-security risks if you trespass, including spreading diseases and weeds. There have been a number of snakes, spiders and bees spotted around sunflower farms this year, so be careful! Please drive slowly and make sure it is safe to exit your car once parked.

To get that perfect image you don’t have to jump any fences – simply bring a stool or something to give you height and voilà, perfect perspective so you can nab that killer shot!

4. Share Your Golden Shots

Image by @saltysummits via Instagram

Once you’ve nabbed that killer shot, share it with us! Tag #SouthernDownsSunflowers in your posts or send it to us on Facebook or Instagram. Need some inspiration? Check out these 10 blooming beautiful pics of sunflowers.

5. While You’re Here

Image by @dave.50013 via Instagram

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