Shearer’s Way

90km via Texas Road, Glenlyon Dam and Texas to the Bruxner Highway

This route will take you from Stanthorpe to Texas where the road meets the Bruxner Highway. From Stanthorpe, head west on Texas Road and travel through Broadwater to begin your journey.

Route highlights

  • Your first stop, 10 minutes from Stanthorpe, should be Casley Mt Hutton Winery, offering wine tasting and complimentary winery tours.
  • Heading towards Texas you will come across Mallow Organic Lamb (not open to the public) and Mallow Cottage, an ideal venue to practice yoga or meditation. The property also offers Mallow Wellbeing Workshops — perfect for a weekend escape.
  • Further afield, 90km from Stanthorpe, you will come across Glenlyon Dam Road, the turn off for Glenlyon Dam. The Dam is ideal for wildlife viewing and many water sports.
  • Sundown National Park is also reachable via Glenlyon Dam Road and is ideal for a rugged wilderness experience.
  • Finish the route just after Texas, as Mingoola Road joins you with the Bruxner Highway.