5-Senses Black-Tie Spring ’23

The gourmet 5-Senses Discovery is unique in Queensland. Starting with a Vineyard Walk and Talk, then in the winery, a Sommelier Wine Discussion, and finally, the chef explains the providence of the produce.

Allow four hours to delight your senses with 8-dish silver service experience presented on the second Saturday monthly; 6 pm. In the vineyard, with a glass of champagne, the viticulturist shows the vines in action. Then the tastes of 5-star Wines and chef-hatted dining, the smells of exclusive 54 scent “Nez du Vin”, sights of silent movies, sounds of a live String Quartet Ensemble, and a touch of class.

Celebrate in cooler weather, seated on Queensland’s 1st Parliamentary Table (c1859), by roaring fires. Lift the beautiful crystal lid to see Hickory smoke waft from the gravlax salmon, see burning sauce, with sparkles spraying delicately over the large black plate. Savour wild-caught venison and other delicacies. No wonder this experience is called 5-Senses. Seven dishes with names like ‘Diamonds in the Rough’, ‘Smoked Earth After Rain’, ‘Salted Jump in the Mouth’, ‘Bitter Sweet Geo-space’, ‘Fathom, Falter and Flinch’, ‘Rooted Guerdon’, ‘Gilded Granite’.

Includes entertainment, education, food, and matching wines.


747 Granite Belt Drive, Cottonvale
4375, QLD