Ancors Exhibition

An Exhibition by Ann Fogarty, Corina Graham, Sue Jacobsen
8 June to 9 July 2017, Warwick Art Gallery
ANCORS is a play on words derived from ANn, CORina and Sue. This trio are all self-taught artists with different styles. The common thread between them is that “Art has been their anchor” in life.

Each of them have had various life experiences that led them to discover the “healing power” of art. They came together through the Demented Artists Group Inc ( DAGs ).

Ann Fogarty is a contemporary artist who enjoys abstracts in acrylic, using mixed media and experimenting with a variety of mediums.

Corina Graham is a multi-faceted artist who chooses not to limit herself to any one style or medium, but with a tendency towards Realism.

Sue Jacobsen is a contemporary artist, primarily using coloured pencils, whose work has been inspired by tattoos as well as Realism.


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