Killarney Picnic Basket Day

Laughing friends and family picnicking on the green lawn; cool jazz music floating on the breeze; the still, cool lake reflecting the warm colours of autumn and the blue mountain ranges.

Picnic Basket Day is a fun, family day for locals and visitors to experience the natural beauty of Killarney and the surrounding region while enjoying wonderful local produce.

And what lovelier spot for the event than the beautiful gardens of Melrose Station, renowned across the region?

Visitors are invited to bring their picnic blanket and chairs and set up a spot in the grounds.  A variety of food stalls will offer barbecue, baked potatoes, Devonshire morning tea, cupcakes, fruit salad and ice cream.

Raffles and local featured musicians add to the relaxed event.

Proceeds from the day will go to Livin’, a not-for-profit organisation using apparel, events and motivational programs to get people talking about mental health and suicide prevention.


Killarney Barlows Gate Road, Killarney
4373, QLD