• Canfest 2020 Collector's Fair, Stanthorpe
Canfest 2020 Collector's Fair, Stanthorpe

CANFEST 2020 Collector’s Fair

Canfest began in 1992 in Brisbane, and has since been an annual event every January hosted by  the national beer can collectors incorporation. All collectors are invited to register to Swap, sell & buy brewery items, Labels, Coasters, bottles, Coca Cola items, Soft drinks, Anzac tins, coins, and cards!

Registered receive an issue of a beer can to commemorate the event filled with coopers DRY beer! EXCLUSIVE TO REGISTERED persons & are not for sale.


61 Marsh St Stanthorpe, QLD 4380,

Phone: 0417905066

Email: jill.major33@gmail.com

General Information: Public welcomed to visit and buy, Free entry, Event starts at 9am till 11:30am