Mallow Organic Lamb

Mallow Organic Lamb is produced near Stanthorpe in southern Queensland’s Granite Belt district. Mallow Lamb is certified organic and is also noted for it’s tenderness and flavour – awarded Finalist 3 times & Medalist in the Delicious Magazine Produce Awards.

Farming practices on Mallow follow biological farming principles where emphasis is on excellent soil health and nutrient value to maximize plant health. This is turn produces meat that is nutrient dense and good for our own health as consumers.

You can order Mallow Organic lamb direct from the farm or purchase from local stockists Brinx Deli High St or The Friday Farmers Markets in the Piazza. Many fine local restaurants in the Granite Belt feature Mallow Lamb on their menu: McGregor Terrace Food Project, Barrelroom & Larder, Ballandean, Queensland College of Wine Tourism Varias Restaurant, and Spicers Peak Lodge.


1957 Stanthorpe-Texas Rd Stanthorpe QLD 4380,

07 4683 6236



General Facilities:
Carpark, delivery available