10 Blooming Beautiful Pics of Summer Sunflowers

Summer is sunflower season on the Southern Downs and every year they’re blooming beautiful! From late December onwards, a sea of yellow floods parts of the region as spectacular sunflower fields line major highways and country roads around Warwick and Allora.

The sunflowers in the 2017/18 Summer have not started blooming yet, but when they do, follow the Sunflower Route, a 50km round trip that will take you past glorious fields of these golden giants. Before you depart, check out the Southern Downs and Granite Belt Facebook page, or give the Warwick Visitor Information Centre a buzz to find out the best spots for exploring.

When inspecting these beauties, please keep in mind the sunflowers are growing on private land and form part of the farmers’ livelihoods. Please be respectful and do not trespass. To get that perfect image you don’t have to jump any fences – simply bring a stool or something to give you height and voila, perfect perspective so you can nab that killer shot.

Kangaroo in a sunflower field

Image by Stephen Waller

Lady in a hat in a field of sunflowers

Image by Georgia Kelleher

Sunflower field and stunning sunset

Image by @kcbelford

Image by @kcbelford

Field of sunflowers with birds in the air

Image by @JayJP

Lady in a field of sunflwoers

Image by @quarterhousehomewares

Close Up Photo of a Sunflower

Image by @hesaysshesays

Sunflower and House

Image by @RLImages

field of sunflowers

Image by @VisualHopePhotography

Want more sunflower chasing inspo? Check out the below video of Phoebe and Matt from Little Grey Box chasing sunflowers!

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